Earthy, Crunchy,
Sweet & Salty!
A Mouthful of:

Oats, Honey, Sesame Seeds, Non GMO Canola Oil, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Brown Sugar, Poppy Seeds, Vanilla, Sea Salt.
Me & Ollies Granola Munch is baked in small batches in our Portsmouth, New Hampshire bakery. With its rich sweet and salty addictive quality, once you start munching it's hard to stop!

Pure vanilla
Clover honey
Steam table
rolled oats
Nutritious nuts
and seeds
Our Story

Once upon a time (1998 to be exact), an old rock and roll drummer from the Midwest moved to New England and opened Me & Ollies bakery in Portsmouth, NH. Then one day while attempting to make granola bars with his three sons, he was caught day dreaming about peace signs, VW busses, and whatever else crunchy old rockers think about. Left to their own devices the three boys Max, Eli, and Ollie, struggled to keep the granola bars together. A few extra seeds here, a splash of vanilla there, a bit more honey to help it all stick together, but the granola kept falling apart into these crunchy, sweet and salty clusters. Sure, seemed unfortunate at first, but one taste and they realized... this stuff is better than any granola bar. And Granola Munch was born!

Our Packages

Sold in our 11 ounce large bag or our new 2 ounce "on the go" snack size, we think you'll see that it's always time to "Munch Out"!

Our Bakery

Me & Ollie's 2454 Lafayette Rd #21, Portsmouth, NH 03801